Hironobu Kohama

Hironobu Kohama served as a judge from April 1992 until his retirement in March 2019 and has worked in courts and the Legal Affairs Bureau (a Division of Ministry of Justice). Handling mainly civil cases as a judge, he has extensive experience in both standard civil lawsuits and specialized lawsuits focusing on specific areas of the law by serving in the commercial dispute division (Tokyo District Court 8th Division, a specialized division for Companies Act cases), the civil execution division, and the labor law specialized division. At the Legal Affairs Bureau (a Division of Ministry of Justice), he served as a prosecutor representing the Japanese government in civil and administrative law cases, and also acted as general manager of the government’s litigation team.

Practice Area

General civil law cases
Commercial law cases (Companies Act cases)
Labor law cases (including Labor Tribunals)
Administrative law cases

Professional and Community Involvement

Member of the Tokyo Bar Association

Speaking Engagements and Publications

"Gross Amount Principle and Issue Principle", contributing author on an article published
in the book, Modern Trial Law System No. 29 "Tax Litigation"
"Court Cases and Issues Concerning Auxiliary Participation", an article published in the
magazine Hanrei Times
"Analysis on the Illegal Disposal by the Village Mayor and the Purpose of the Article
179(1) of the Local Autonomy Act", Commentary on the Administrative Law Cases of 2012

Professional Career

Tokyo District Court April 1992
Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, a Division of Ministry of Justice
(Department of Litigation)
April 1994
Sapporo District Court April 1998
Chiba District Court April 2002
Kushiro District Court and Family Court (Division Head Judge) April 2006
Tokyo District Court April 2008
Fukuoka Legal Affairs Bureau, a Division of Ministry of Justice
(General Manager of Litigation Department)
April 2011
Tokyo High Court April 2014
Chiba District Court (Division Head Judge) October 2015-March 2019
Registered as a Bengoshi lawyer October 2019
Shinagawa Law Office October 2019
Kanagawa International Law Office March 2021


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